What I’m Geeking Out About This Week – 04/18/14

Hey gang,

Here’s what I’m geeking out on this week:

I have watched all the nine seasons of this show and when I heard the negative buzz around the finale, I was worried. Having invested so much time and emotional energy on all the characters, I wanted to get above the hype before I sat down and watched the final episode. Unfortunately, I was let down. HIMYM had a simple premise (tell us how Ted meets his children’s mother) and it seemed like it just wasted it in the end. The show that seemed to be all about fan service just seemed to serve the interest of the showrunners instead. I just wanted to get my feelings on this show off my chest and in the end, I’m sad to say that the ending to the show cheapens the whole experience now that I know how it ends.

So I recently searched for one of these cute toys for my partner’s birthday that was the other day. I bought her a Wonder Woman one and I have gotten several myself either on my own or as gifts. I just love these and I like how they have characters representing all sorts of geekdom. They’re awesome desk toys (not to mention cheap) so I recommend them as gifts for yourself or others!

  • Nostalgia

I’m on the precipice of finishing my graduate program (just about a mere month away from graduation to be exact), and this major life moment has me feeling nostalgic for years past. With my future still uncertain, I’ve been looking fondly to the past to cherish all the memories Rutgers has given me since I’ve been here. All the friends, the special moments, and the knowledge and experience to start my career. At certain moments it would be nice if things could just stay the same forever but I can confidently say that I am ready and excited to start the next chapter of my life. Stay tuned for big life updates that should be (hopefully) coming very soon!

Thanks for stopping by! Have an amazing weekend, my friends!

Networking at a National Conference: An Introvert’s Tale

I wanted to share some of my brief thoughts, reflecting back on my experience at the recent 2014 ACPA National Convention in Indianapolis. To preface this all, I think I am horrible at networking in the traditional sense. I am very bad at going up to someone cold and striking up a conversation. I need more context to go on to keep the chat going somewhere beyond basic small talk (which I most often loathe). However, when I was at ACPA, I was able to utilize social media, namely Twitter, to serve as the groundwork for meeting a bunch of awesome people.

Twitter was able to allow me to have some reference point to go up to people, introduce myself and say what I fan I was of their work, the content they share or even create themselves. My understanding is people love to talk about themselves or at the very least enjoy the praise so sharing my enjoyment of what they do online and asking questions about it served me well with anyone I ran into. It was great for both of us too to just be able to meet someone in person that you have engaged with for a while online. I even had lunch with someone at ACPA that I had known from Twitter chats. It was so cool!

I know for sure I would not have been able to have as many successful meetings at ACPA without Twitter. I owe it a lot and certainly advocate for it as a strong tool to foster in person connections and then maintain them afterwards. It’s an extension and evolution of the business card I feel like. Definitely jump on to Twitter if you haven’t already or be sure to engage with it more if you have joined. There is so much potential for community building within it and to learn from a network of people around the country and world (for more details on this point, check out Josie Ahlquist’s recent blog post that I shared entitled “The Power of Networks”).

Why Geek Pride is Important

If you know me, you know that this topic is a major one for me. I just had a thought to formally write on my feelings after having finished Rutgers Geek Week at the end of March, connected with fellow student affairs nerds & geeks at ACPA in Indianapolis, and speaking on my learning for my final project in my graduate program. The latter event made me feel very strongly that this discussion is important.

When I was presenting, during the final question and answer period, I was challenged a lot on the branding I’ve chosen and using the moniker of “geek” as a badge of honor. Some were confused, others were wary due to negative stereotypes of geeks and nerds such as being “know-it-alls” or nonconformist or antisocial. It was hard to deflect and absorb everything in such a setting, since I didn’t want to blow back on it too much since I needed to pass this presentation to graduate. I felt emotionally gut punched about it afterwards since I didn’t expect such an antagonizing stance towards that out of everything I talked about and felt as though it hit to the core of who I am, making it all seem like it was foolish.

The work I and others try to do in this space is important. Geek pride is important because it fights bullying just because someone is a little different. Geek pride is important because it means creating a world where anyone can be proud of what they’re into and pursue a life of passion. Geek pride is important because anti-intellectualism is dangerous for the future of our country. What I want to do is uplift all the awesome parts of what being a geek or nerd means; the passion, the community, the lessons and morals we hold dear that make us good people. I want to get away from the negative stereotypes and create spaces where people geek out about anything and everything they want, whenever they want, whether it is cars, comics, clothes, or consoles (tried really hard on that alliteration).

So here’s to geeks, nerds, dorks, and dweebs. Make sure to bond with your closest friends for Geek Pride Day, which is on May 25.

Thanks for listening and keep spreading the good word.

The Power of Networks

Dustin R.:

I certainly second this sentiment!

Originally posted on Josie Ahlquist:

15600625_sErik Qualman’s newest book, ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays on YouTube’ wrote “Those who succeed develop deep relationships before they need those relationships.  They network before they need the network both offline and online.”

Over the last couple months I have had the opportunity to attend a number of functions within the field of student affairs.  Over the last year I have been intentionally building my networks through online means, such as twitter, blogging and taking informal conversations through google hangouts.

It is blowing my mind the power of networks, both online and in-person.  Let me give you a recent example and challenge you to start thinking of your own, when the power of your network can turn into a life long (and changing) connection.

I met Greg Heiberger as fellow college students at South Dakota State University.  A few years after graduation he came out with a…

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Movie Review Monday: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Hey there, everybody!

Welcome to another installment of Movie Review Monday, where I turn you onto something cool that’s streaming instantly on Netflix. This week’s film is the 2008 comedy “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” with Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst.

In my efforts to showcase a variety of different films, this movie (based on a memoir by Toby Young of the same name), is a more crude comedy while still being clever. I usually go for something less low-brow but with Pegg starring the lead role of Sidney Young, a lovable oaf who navigates the world of the celebrity glitterati, he makes the adventure endearing in classic Pegg fashion. Dunst is a solid supporting role as well as a jaded, conflicted colleague of Pegg.

The whole movie is a subtle satire of Hollywood culture, which I appreciate, poking fun at the vapid nature of it all and the self-feeding nature of the tabloid industry. Megan Fox stars as the stereotypical person famous for being famous and is the foil for Pegg’s temptation to lose himself into that empty world.

So check out this movie for a different sort of comedy than what I usually recommend. It’s a solid Pegg vehicle and something you can check out with for a bit.

Come back next week for another recommendation!

What I’m Geeking Out About This Week – 04/11/14

Oh Hey!

Welcome to another weekly installment of what’s on my geeky brain lately! I’m thinking green this week in honor of Earth Day coming up and spring finally having sprung. Let us get to it!

  • Spring!

So this is a small, minor, simple geek out here. It is FINALLY warmer outside so I’m excited to be able to walk around with birds chirping, the sun shining, and there just being more positive energy around. It’s funny how a change in weather can affect people. I look forward to getting to the beach next month and spending some quality time here around Jersey exploring before I depart after graduation(!).

Back in the day I blogged on the topic of sustainability (linked above). It’s something that I’m passionate about and I work into my daily habits everywhere I can. Being mindful of what we use and waste is a huge step in the move towards preserving this cool planet, which I’d like to maintain since I keep all my stuff here.

  • The Cloud!

A big part of what I think will help with the aforementioned sustainability push is working more off the cloud. This means virtual storage such as Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. It’s a great way to collaborate, be more productive, and save space since you don’t have to lug papers around. I am a strong advocate of utilizing the cloud and will continue to sing it’s praises. I’m personally a big fan of Evernote and Dropbox. Perhaps a topic for a future geek out…

Keep that geek pride strong! Have a great weekend!

Movie Review Monthly – March 2014

Salutations good people!

To help the good content from the site coming to you, I’m going to curate my movie reviews just like I am going to do with my “geeking out” posts so that you can easily get what I’ve been posting each month. This past month, I reviewed the following awesome movies!

Stream these fine films today and come back every Monday for a new recommendation!

Take care!

What I Was Geeking Out About – March 2014

Hey there everyone!

I’m trying to make sure you all get to see all the awesome stuff I put out and make it as easy as possible at the same time, so here’s a listing of the geek out posts I did in the month of March. They include such cool things as the School of Greatness Podcast, Harry’s shaving supplies, Workaholics, and the Veronica Mars movie. Enjoy!

Appreciate the support as always!